Can this man save the art of wrestling?

As a wrestling fan of 28 years it’s hard to remember a time since puberty that wrestling and WWE in general has been this exciting and as a result, this scary.  It’s been three days since Summerslam and depending on what side of the fence you reside on, WWE either took the belt off Punk too quickly or are in the process of creating a longer arc that will hopefully have a huge payoff.  As for me? I’m probably somewhere in the middle.  We know the WWE has recently hired soap writers to help with their long arc stories and I would hope that this is an example of that writing.  The problem is we know WWE wants the belt on Del Rio when they head to Mexico and that’s not until October.  They’ve painted themselves into a corner unless they have Del Rio lose on a random late August RAW only to win again at Night of Champions.  Doubtful.  There are a lot of moving parts going on in the main event scene right now and WWE has to be very careful how they tread or the whole thing may blow up in their faces, and no I don’t mean the Vince is dead storyline.  I don’t think the WWE realized exactly how loud that Chicago crowd was going to cheer for Punk and how quickly fans would jump back onto the “heel is cool” bandwagon.  After Monday’s RAW I swear if we get a Nash vs. Punk match somewhere down the line I may throw up..  It seemed odd that only a day after losing the belt Punk had no interaction at all with Cena or ADR or for the matter HHH.  As older wrestling fans we tend to be jaded and at the first sign of trouble run to the blogosphere and complain that Hunter doesn’t know what he’s doing or the writers are crap but here’s the thing,  HHH isn’t a stupid dude.  Has he historically squashed anyone he wanted, yes but I think as he gains more control of the company internally he has to realize that what’s good for Hunter may not be what’s good for business.  I’m willing to give some slack here because they’ve built up so much good faith over the past couple months.  That being said, if Stephanie sent the text, or if Sean Waltman shows up next week on RAW, or as I mentioned before if we get a Punk vs. Nash match, WWE will have screwed up royally.  CM Punk has become so popular so fast that I’m worried if WWE slows down the hype train too fast they may stop it altogether.  Wrestling needs Punk to be popular if for no other reason besides the fact that we see Punk as the everyman.  We’d all love to speak our mind without consequence, we all don’t have six-pack abs or the world’s nicest arms (yes I’m looking at you Randy Orton).  CM Punk says he’s the voice of the voiceless but in reality he’s the voice of all of us.  Punk speaks for every wrestling fan over the age of 15 and as much as WWE loves selling their starburst colored shirts and swanky spinner belts, it’s time that they realized that dad needs a shirt to wear to RAW too.


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